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Xcaret – Top Attraction in Riviera Maya

The most well known activity in Riviera Maya has to be Xcaret (pronounced Ish-Car-Et… well that’s how I pronounce it map_riviera_mayaanyway!!). This place has everything you could possible ask for; there are so many things to do and see. Xcaret is located 45 minutes from Cancun (See map), and there you will find the first Butterfly Pavilion in Mexico, a Coral Reef Aquarium, tropical Jungle Trails, underground rivers, a wildlife breeding far, a bird sanctuary amongst lots of other activities.



Not only will you learn about Mexican culture and history, but for all you animal lovers out there you can see monkeys, flamingos, turtles, birds, tropical fish and there is even a bat cave!!


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Playa Kids babysitting services!

While we all love our babies, it can be especially nice for us parents to get a break. It is so important for Moms and Dads to get alone time – and even more so when on vacation. Bringing your family to a new place can be worrisome, as you don’t have family members to help out or your regular babysitters from home to help when you need some time out. We thought you would want to know about an amazing company that has been in business since December 2009: PlayaKids.


CarlaCarla Sanchez opened her business after working as an au-pair in Germany. We asked her a few questions about her fantastic service based in Playa del Carmen, servicing all of Riviera Maya. Here is what she said:


Can you tell us some background information on yourself and your staff? I have many years of experience with kids all ages and types. I have worked as an Au-pair in Germany taking care of an autistic child. All the Babysitters that work for Playakids have previous experience working with kids in the past. We can always provide references for parents, plus provide contact information if a new client wants to speak directly with someone who has used our service before.  


Are you willing to go to wherever the client wants a babysitter? Is there a charge for transportation?

Yes, we typically go wherever the client want us to go. It is our preference that we go to the Hotel room, Condo or Villa of the client, as it is the safest contained environment to babysit. While we do charge or transportation, Playakids have an agreement with local taxi drivers for the best rate possible. It is also worth mentioning that in some cases we have had to rent a car for the babysitter. We have been to places like the Sian Kaan reserve where it is not easy to access; taxi drivers usually will not take you there at local rates so in this cases we rent a car for the babysitter and split the transportation cost half is paid by Playakids and half is paid by the client.

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Go for a stroll on 5th Avenue, Playa del Carmen

5th AvenueWe thought we would kick off our blog with one of our favorite places to be in Playa del Carmen: 5th Avenue. 5th Avenue is the heart of the city and one of the ‘must do’s’ for tourists.  Located right off the beach, 5th Avenue is a pedestrian street where the largest concentration of restaurants, spas, shops, coffee shops, boutiques, jewelers, ice cream shops, art galleries, various souvenirs for all tastes and budgets can be found. It takes about 90 mins to walk it from one end to the other… longer if you stop! We HIGHLY recommend you rent a stroller for the walk – we know a very reputable baby equipment rental company called Baja Baby Gear where you can get great strollers!! (I know – we are shameless! :-))



The avenue begins on Paseo del Carmen, a small plaza located at 10th Avenue and Calle 1 Sur with good places to have a coffee or buy some designer clothing. There are plenty of trees in this part – so great for when baby needs to get out of the heat!

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Jenni & Wyatt

Hey everyone!

Baja Baby Gear comes to Cancun! Or Riviera Maya I should say! Just a couple of months back, we began offering our same service in Riviera Maya. We rent first rate baby equipment to all parts of Riviera Maya: Cancun,…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Rent Baby Equipment in Cancun


1.     Save your back! The traveling part of your vacation would be WAYYYY easier without having to lug all your baby equipment with you. It’s so nice to show up to your hotel without feeling like you just ran a marathon!


2.     Save yourself some money! The airlines charge an arm and a leg these days for extra weight and/or luggage! For the same price as two pieces of luggage, you could rent a pack’n’play and a bath tub for the week!


3.     Avoid potential disaster! Imagine that you just shelled out several hundred bucks for that fancy stroller that you had to have… you take it on the plane and it comes out of the conveyor belt in 10 pieces! Hmmm… doesn’t bear thinking about does it? Rent a stroller when you arrive in Cabo instead!


4.     You will be happier! The only bad thing about going on vacation is leaving your home comforts behind. If I hadn’t had my swing/exersaucer/walker/ changing table on hand, believe me, our son would have been climbing the walls!

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